People express trust to N. Nazarbayev and send letters of support of early presidential elections

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - The letters about the initiative of the Council of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan on holding early presidential elections addressed to President N. Nazarbayev are sent daily from all the regions of the country, from people working in different sphere. In their letters, people express support of the initiative of the Council of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan on holding early presidential elections in Kazakhstan because this decision plays such an important role in the history of the country," the press service of Akorda informs.

In particular, the Nur Otan Party said the initiative of the Council of the Assembly was the right one and meeting the interests of the people.

"Our people demonstrated the highest level of unity and consolidation around its Leader during all the crucial moments in the history. This is our historical opportunity to become even stronger and more united ensuring implementation of long-term strategy "Kazakhstan-2050 and "Mangilik El" idea," the statement of the party reads.

The members of the association of financial experts of Kazakhstan noted that holding of early presidential elections would ensure the continuity of economic and monetary policy and give confidence to our investors and revive the business activity in the country.

"Heads and employees of financial organizations of the country are ready to exert all the efforts to make any needed contribution to development of our society and achievement the set goals in economic development and are totally aware of the proposed elections as the necessity on the way to reaching the set goals," the authors write.

Workers of many different enterprises also sent their letters to support the idea.

Thus, the workers of "Ekibastuz GRES-1" LLP expressed their readiness to participate in fulfillment of the set tasks for the country's prosperity.

"We provide electricity for many regions of the country and abroad. Our task is the make sure people have electricity at home and at work. Our consumers highly praise stability and we associate it with you. We stand for continuation of the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy, strengthening of internal stability and further development. Therefore, we ask you to support the initiative on holding the early presidential elections in 2015," the statement reads.

The staff of "Kazphosphate" LLP also expressed its trust and support of the idea of early presidential elections in 2015.

"Like never before, we need to strengthen our unity, accord and stability, therefore we think you are the best candidature for the post of the president of the country," the authors wrote.

Over 9 thousand of people employed with "Kazakhmys" LLP also noted that the President of Kazakhstan was the only leader of the nation to ensure dynamic development of the country.

"We are confident that there are no other alternatives. You are the one who led our country to true state of development. We think it you along with the people of Kazakhstan should continue your work on a large-scale modernization of the country and its rise to the top 30 most developed economies of the world," the statement says.

The members of "Rodina" LLP in Akmola region emphasized that under the conditions of the global economic crisis and political instability in the world Kazakhstan needs such a strong leader as Nursultan Nazarbayev.

"Today, we, the people who care about the future of the country, want to say that there is no one else to replace you as the president of the country. We can do all what's planned with such president as you are. With you leading the way, all the problems are temporary. Let Kazakhstan be eternal," the authors of the letter wrote.

Many letters supporting the idea of holding early presidential elections in Kazakhstan were received from the young people of Kazakhstan. Students from many universities expressed their trust in the president and support of the idea of holding early presidential elections in Kazakhstan.

People continue to send letters expressing their support to the president of the country.

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