Pilgrims urged to get vaccinated for safe and healthy Hajj season

Pilgrims urged to get vaccinated for safe and healthy Hajj season
Photo credit: SPA

The Ministry of Health issued a statement urging domestic pilgrims to get vaccinated before embarking on this year's Hajj, to ensure a safe and healthy experience for all, SPA reports.

According to the ministry, domestic pilgrims should have one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine administered in 1445 AH (2023-2024), one dose of the seasonal influenza vaccine administered in the same year, and one dose of the meningococcal vaccine administered within the past five years.

The ministry said these vaccinations are readily available at primary healthcare centers throughout the Kingdom. Local pilgrims can conveniently schedule appointments through the Sehhaty app.

The ministry said it is important to get vaccinated in view of the large gatherings during Hajj, when people from all over the world come together, increasing the risk of infectious diseases.

International Pilgrims:

For detailed health requirements, pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia should visit the Ministry of Health website: https://www.moh.gov.sa/en/HealthAwareness/Pilgrims_Health/Pages/default.aspx

The ministry highlighted some of the most crucial vaccinations for international pilgrims: meningococcal, yellow fever, and polio.

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