Plurality of opinions is a striking indication of changes in Kazakhstan, Karin

State Counselor
Photo: Damir Yerubayev

Kazakh State Counselor Yerlan Karin commented on the speech made by the Head of State ahead of the Day of Mass Media Workers, Kazinform News Agency reports.

The Head of State delivered a speech addressing the professional community of journalists and which is also national in scope ahead of the Day of Mass Media Workers the day before. The idea that Kazakhstan has long been living in a new political reality is the key one, wrote Karin on his Telegram channel.

According to him, in the past five years the country has undergone through drastic and, in fact, irreversible changes. Thanks to the institutional reforms, the country has established a new balanced system of power, with the increased role of the parliament, greater responsibility of the government, and the establishment of the Constitutional Court.

The new political reality is also reflected in greater public activity and political culture of the citizens. The State already made and is making strides for the public to freely and actively express their position, participate in decision-making, owing to which the country now has brand new norms and standards in political and social culture based on the principles of dialogue, democracy and constructiveness, said Karin.

The Kazakh State Counselor highlighted that the true plurality of opinions is an important and striking indication of the changes in Kazakhstan. Freedom of speech is already taken for granted, becoming an integral part of public life, which was largely possible thanks to the realization of the President's universal principle ‘different opinions – the united nation’.

In general, the Head of State’s speech offered key messages to the society regarding the unchanging course towards building Just Kazakhstan, irreversibility of the ongoing comprehensive reforms as well as the key role of the society and citizens in the process, wrote Karin.

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