PM Bektenov examines industrial, transport and logistics potential of Almaty region

Photo: Kazakh government

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Olzhas Bektenov got familiarized with the transport and logistics and industrial potential of Almaty region, Kazinform News Agency cites the press service of the Kazakh government.

The head of the Kazakh government visited a number of facilities aimed at ensuring economic growth through establishment of domestic production.

In particular, Bektenov examined the construction of a new transport and logistics center Zhetygen and G-TRANS Service industrial logistical hub as well as expansion of the existing industrial zones Kairat and Damu.

The Head of State pointed out the strategic importance of realizing the transport and logistics potential in his state-of-the-nation address. We take interest in new projects with a favorable impact on trade and economy in general. Presently, issues regarding infrastructure are being addressed, necessary conditions and communication for businesses are being created, said Bektenov.

Photo: Kazakh government

Once built, the transport and logistics center Zhetygen, the largest in Central Asia with a capacity of up to 500 thousand containers a year and with a total freight turnover of up to 5 million tons, will provide 3,500 people with employment.

In addition, the Kazakh Prime minister familiarized with the work of the companies operating within the industrial zones. Bektenov examined the technological process for Bent enterprise’s production of reinforced concrete products, TechnoNikol-Central Asia’s production of construction materials, and Shin Line’s ice-cream production.

A new investment project on creation of the largest high-tech automated enterprise for production of poultry in the CIS space was presented. The project aims at ensuring the country’s food security and is orientated on export.

The head of the Kazakh government also visited the fishing industry complex, which has a capacity of one thousand tons with the prospect of increasing to 10 thousand.

Food security is the number one issue. Our country needs to become self-sufficient in terms of the basic food groups, said Bektenov noting that the government will continue with the measures of support of the industrial sector.

In four months of this year, the total volume of industrial output of Almaty region rose 3.2% compared to the same period of last year, reaching 573.6 billion tenge.

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