Police open criminal case against ex-counselor at Kazakh embassy in the UAE after his wife's allegations of violence

Karina Mamash
Saken and Karina Mamash Photo credit: t.me/yyedilov

On May 6 Karina Mamash, wife of the counselor at the Kazakh embassy in the UAE, Saken Mamash, provided pictures and video proof of abuse by her partner through a social media post published on the page of fund for victims of violence NeMolchi.kz. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan brought the accused back to Kazakhstan. Today, the Astana Police Department announced the initiation of a criminal case against Saken Mamash, Kazinfrorm News Agency correspondent reports.

The press service of the Astana Police Department commented: “A criminal case has been opened. Expertise has been ordered and an investigation is underway. Other information is not disclosed in the interests of the investigation.”

Earlier, on May 7, with the assistance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Karina was provided with an opportunity to safely get home and, most importantly, she reunited with her children. Karina’s mother shared her gratitude with the fund through social media.

Now, Karina Mamash is located in a crisis housing, which serves as a shelter for the victims of domestic abuse, in Astana. She is being questioned by the police and has been provided with a lawyer, helping her with the next necessary legal actions.

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