Possible coup attempt: Turkish President Erdogan arranges an emergency meeting

Photo credit: Anadolu Agency

Municipal elections in Türkiye significantly shook up the stable situation in the country with its pre-election campaigns. Turkish domestic politics is once again turbulent, Kazinform News Agency correspondent reports.

While speaking in Parliament earlier, the leader of the Nationalist Movement Party, Devlet Bahçeli announced that individual representatives of criminal elements and former law enforcement officers are planning to organize a coup in the country.

On the night of May 14-15 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held an emergency meeting with the head of the country's National Intelligence Organization, Ibrahim Kalin, and Justice Minister Yilmaz Tunç.

On May 9, suspected of political conspiracy, 4 high-ranking officers of the Ankara Police Department were detained. Other charges like drug trafficking, arms trafficking, illegal border crossings and political crimes were also involved, reports various Turkish media.

On May 13, searches were carried out at the residence of the suspects, where some digital materials were seized.

According to the head of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ali Yerlikaya, appropriate measures will be taken against certain conspirators and any manifestation of banditry.

“We will take the necessary measures against those who collaborate with terrorist organizations and organized crime groups. We will not allow those who use social media and try to “play games” by causing a split in our society. Such manifestations will be suppressed”, said Yerlikaya.

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