Poverty threatens 81 million people in EU

BRUSSELS. December 13. KAZINFORM There were still 81 million people in the European Union (EU) at risk of poverty in 2008, the EU's statistics bureau Eurostat said in a report on Monday. Kazinform refers to Xinhua.

They accounted for 17 percent of the EU's total population, but the ratio varied among EU member states, with Latvia registering the highest rate of 26 percent and the Czech Republic the lowest of 9 percent, the report showed.

In the EU, people at risk of poverty are those living in a household with an equivalized disposable income below the risk-of-poverty threshold, which is set at 60 percent of the national median equivalized disposable income after social transfers.

Besides 81 million people threatened with poverty, there were 42 million more people in the EU who were severely materially deprived, meaning that they had living conditions constrained by a lack of resources such as not being able to afford to pay their bills, keep their home adequately warm, own a car or a telephone etc. Kazinform cites Xinhua. See www.xinhuanet.com for full version

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