President asks governors to modernly equip schools in regions

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Salaries of 200,000 teachers have been raised across Kazakhstan, Minister of Education and Science Yerlan Sagadiyev said Wednesday at the extended session of the Government in Astana, Kazinform reports.

Conditions for teachers' labor have been improved, salaries have been raised," said President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the session.

Minister Sagadiyev stressed that salaries of 200,000 teachers have seen a 30% increase countrywide. Out of 200,000 teachers, 34,000 received a 50% increase to the salaries," he added.

"Our universities obtained autonomy, more children got access to preschool education. Last year some 70 schools were built countrywide. Curriculum is being updated," President Nazarbayev added.

The Head of State cited an example of 277 secondary schools in East Kazakhstan region which were modernly equipped up to the standard of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools.

"Those schools saw an instant improvement in terms of quality of education. I charge all governors of the regions to do the same with local schools," the President said.

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