President has no reasons to doubt National Bank

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - I have no reasons to doubt the National Bank of Kazakhstan, Head of State N. Nazarbayev said at the enlarged sitting of the Government today.

"I have no reasons to doubt the National Bank of Kazakhstan. As I told earlier, all types of provocative acts, insinuations and similar things do not work for a better reputation. We have to bring to responsibility those responsible for these things. I am saying it again, we are going to have it all transparent. If there are any difficulties, we will inform the people about the situation. Moreover, nobody else will tell you about it but us - official authorities," N. Nazarbayev told noting that the Head of the National Bank of Kazakhstan reported to him about the taken measures on preventing the fluctuations of the rates of tenge.

The President recommended that the people of the country trust the official authorities instead of rumors. According to him, in case of the fluctuation of the exchange rates of the national currency, the measures on strengthening of insurance of people's deposits will be taken.

The President also stressed that ensuring financial stability, prevention of sharp fluctuations of the exchange rates and ensuring of financial resources for the real sector of the economy are the main tasks of the National Bank.


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