President Nazarbayev: Country’s government should be dismissed

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev has dismissed the country's cabinet of ministers on Thursday. He announced the decision on dismissing the Government in a special address, Kazinform has learnt from the Akorda's press service.

"Today, I am taking a decision of major importance for our country.

In previous years, Kazakhstan's socioeconomic situation has been stable.

That is certainly positive.

However, that is not good enough at present.

The Third Modernization and Plan of the Nation - 100 Specific Steps which I initiated, focused on accelerating the implementation of structural reforms.

The full implementation of the Five Institutional Reforms was meant to lead to an increase in small and medium businesses and a decrease in the state's participation in the economy. These Reforms were also meant to lead to a "cleaning-up" of banks, as well as building trust in our nation's courts and our law enforcement system.

Across major sectors of the economy, despite adopted laws and government decisions, these improvements have not materialized.

GDP growth has predominantly been achieved due to the extraction of primary resources.

The Government in conjunction with the National Bank, have failed to fully build up enough momentum and develop the tools needed for meaningful growth in the economy.

An analysis of the implementation of state programs shows that they are underway, but that no results have been achieved in many important areas.

There is an inadequate availability of meaningful jobs, especially in rural regions. Small and medium businesses have not turned into the drivers of growth; their development has not been the primary mission of akims and ministers.

I have continually instructed that the improvement of incomes and living standards should be top priorities for each member of the Government and akim.

Two years ago, we carried out constitutional reforms, and the Government in collaboration with the akims obtained the authority and independence needed to solve social and economic issues, and bear responsibility for that.

The necessary government programs have been adopted, including industrial and social programs, infrastructure development, and health and education reform. All the resources required have been allocated for their attainment.

At the same time, work at the governmental level has not been organized effectively. Real earnings of Kazakh citizens are flatlining. The share of food expenses in a family's budget is increasing.

Because of the bureaucratic approach of the executive bodies, sections of socially vulnerable groups are not covered by targeted social assistance.

These issues are fuelled by the inefficiency of Government members - ministers and akims - to work with the population, to listen to people's problems, and to inform them of the work undertaken and the policies carried out.

Under these circumstances, I, as President and Protector of the Constitution, having our nation's best interests at heart, am carrying out the following resolution.

I believe that the Government should resign.

The new Government's leadership should take effective steps focused on raising living standards, stimulating the economy, and fulfilling the strategic tasks.

At the forthcoming Nur Otan Party congress, I will propose a series of actions to strengthen the social safety net and improve quality of life.

Significant resources from the budget and the National Fund will be allocated for these purposes.

They will be applied towards fulfilling the following tasks:

- Strengthening social assistance for financially disadvantaged citizens;

- Broadening options for improved housing for vulnerable social groups;

- Enacting meaningful change in the development policy of the regions.

The activities of the Government and akims of all levels should be focused towards the implementation of these tasks.

Funds that are available to the Government and at a local level are being improperly spent. There will be control over all these things. A thorough discussion on this matter will take place at the Nur Otan Party congress." the address reads.

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