President Nazarbayev kicks off Year of Youth in Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - President Nursultan Nazarbayev has officially kicked off the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan, Kazinform reports.

"The new generation of Kazakhstanis I see today is the biggest achievement of Kazakhstan, the biggest result of my work as the Head of State. I am delighted to meet you today and extend my heartfelt congratulations on the start of the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan," said President Nazarbayev while addressing the participants of the unveiling ceremony of the Year of Youth in Astana on Wednesday.

The President reminded the youth of the ongoing changes in all areas of life, education, work, family and even the way people communicate these days. "This will dramatically change the development pathway of the entire world and Kazakhstan, of course. We are witnessing the birth of the new global civilization with digital society and knowledge-driven economy," said Nursultan Nazarbayev adding that Kazakhstan should be up to the challenges.

The Head of State noted that all achievements of the country are aimed at making the future breakthrough ‘not to lag behind' other countries or ‘bite the dust'.

"The youth is the key factor of our country's competitiveness. ...We've already joined the world's 50 most developed countries, however, this is not enough. Today the competition is not only between the countries, but between people. The country with the most creative generation, the generation which will propel education and science to the new heights wins. The future of Kazakhstan depends on you, your energy, knowledge, and patriotism," President Nazarbayev stressed.

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