President outlines values which must integrate our nation – Maulen Ashimbayev on National Kurultay III session

President outlines values which must integrate our nation – Maulen Ashimbayev on National Kurultay III session
Photo credit: Senate

The III session of the National Kurultay discussed the values of  Fair Kazakhstan. According to Maulen Ashimbayev, Speaker of the Kazakh Senate, the Head of State outlined his comprehensive vision of the development of values of the nation, Kazinform News Agency reports.

“As the Head of State emphasized, holding the III meeting of the National Kurultai on the Zhaiyk River bank was not accidental. Not far from Atyrau there was the ancient town of Saraishyk, which was the most important administrative and commercial center of the Golden Horde and the Kazakh Khanate. The historical role of this region in shaping the Kazakh statehood is of particular importance. It is deeply symbolic that the most pressing issues of national ideology were discussed namely here,” says Ashimbayev.

He noted that the Head of State outlined a comprehensive vision of the development of values of the nation. “And at the forefront is the unity of our nation. The President called on the entire society to unite around nationwide goals and values, in order to develop, go ahead and implement the creative agenda of Fair Kazakhstan,” he says.

In his words, the Head of State reiterated that while honoring our spiritual roots, we must in every possible way strengthen the secular status of our state. “Kazakhstan will always be tolerant of all religions, views and teachings that do not undermine our stability and public morality. We must firmly and consistently cultivate traditional family values,” the Senate Speaker points out.

As the President underlined, unfortunately, our society faces a number of problems today, which we need to jointly confront. They are drug trafficking, gambling addiction, domestic violence, vandalism, and overspending. For their part, Parliament deputies are actively working to create a legislative framework for addressing these problems.

In his opinion, the peculiarity of the III session of the National Kurultay is that the President outlined a comprehesive vision of the country’s development in ideological sphere.

As Maulen Ashimbayev noted, the Head of State determined the key values which must further unite and integrate our nation. They are Independence and Patriotism, Unity and Solidarity, Justice and Responsibility, Law and Order, Hard Work and Professionalism, Creativity and Innovation.

“Namely these value targets are needed for the formation of a new quality of the country’s development. I believe that the whole society needs to show high solidarity, civic engagement and personal interest in positive changes in order to implement “Fair Kazakhstan - Responsible Citizen - Progressive Nation” principle outlined by the President of the country,” Maulen Ashimbayev says.

“Only together we will be able to make Kazakhstan one of the most dynamically developing and favorable countries of the world. For this, all progressive forces need to unite around the President’s policy and contribute to the promotion of the values of Fair Kazakhstan,” he concludes.

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