President signs law aimed for domestic horse breeds’ conservation and reproduction

horse breeding
Photo credit: Kazinform

The Head of State inked the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan introducing amendments and additions to some legislative acts regarding conservation and reproduction of domestic breeds of saddle and harness horses, Kazinform News Agency cites Akorda.

The text of the Law is to be published in the press.

The Law aims at developing the domestic breeds of saddle and harness horses, increasing their numbers while retaining properties as well as carrying our breeding work in this direction.

The document introduces amendments to the existing laws on livestock breeding and protection of breeding achievements. Under the new livestock breeding law, costs for keeping saddle and harness horses bred in Kazakhstan are to be reimbursed. It also amends the ‘breeding animal’ and ‘breed standard’ notions, with breeding animals to include purebred animals meeting the breed standard and are registered with the Republican Chamber according to the procedure established by the law.

The Law also clarifies the 'breed standard' notion, containing minimum requirements for various indicators apart from phenotypical attributes and productivity performances of animals.

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