President Tokayev calls for more women and youth in public service – New episode of New Time TV Show is available now

New Time episode
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President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev gave a speech at the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve forum in Astana this week, focusing on gender balance and reliability in youth. According to the Kazakh leader, patriotic youth and hardworking women should actively participate in public administration. Notably, the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve includes 400 specialists: 280 or 70 percent, who have been appointed to responsible positions in central and local governmental bodies. New Time reporter Balzhan Samigullina attended the forum and captured key messages in a report.

On top of that, the New Time team invited one of the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve members to the studio. Darkhan Myrzabayev, as he told the reporters, dreamt of being a public servant from early childhood. Now, serving as the head of the Innovations Development Department at the Ministry of Digital Development of Kazakhstan, his dream finally came true. New Time host Ainur Imangali asked Darkhan Myrzabayev about his vision of the digitalization of the public sector of Kazakhstan and got answers in an exclusive interview.

From the new episode of the TV Show, you can also learn about how Turkiye is recovering from the devastating earthquake that occurred one year ago. Vadim Pak, the head of the rescue unit at the Kazakh Ministry for Emergency Situations, was among those who went to the affected regions, personally rescuing people from the rubble. A year later, he admitted that this experience left an indelible impression. New Time reporter Dauren Issagulov prepared a story of the Kazakh rescuer in Turkyie, in a new report.

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