Princess Basma inaugurates International Medical Conference in Amman

Princess Basma Photo credit: Petra

Her Royal Highness Princess Basma bint Talal inaugurated the 18th International Conference of the Society of Internal Disease Specialists on Wednesday, Petra reports.

Conducted in collaboration with the British Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, the conference aims to advance medical education, update Jordanian physicians on the latest advancements in disease diagnosis and treatment, and facilitate knowledge exchange among professionals from various countries, encompassing both public and private healthcare sectors.

Over three days, experts from several nations will delve into fifty scientific papers covering internal diseases and their specialized fields, including the digestive system, heart, kidneys, nerves, respiratory system, endocrine glands, diabetes, rheumatism, joints, blood and tumors, radiology, diagnostic radiology, and infectious diseases.

In her address, Princess Basma commended the dedication of Jordanian medical staff serving in Gaza's field hospitals amid the ongoing war, emphasizing Jordan's unwavering support for Palestine and its people, as evidenced by humanitarian aid deliveries and airlifts.

She highlighted the sacrifices made by healthcare workers in Gaza and reiterated the commitment to providing comprehensive medical care despite the challenging circumstances.

Acknowledging the conference's organizers, including the Society of Internal Disease Specialists, the Royal Medical Services, the government and private healthcare sectors, and the British Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Princess Basma emphasized the importance of knowledge exchange to enrich medical practice.

Dr. Naif Al-Abdallat, President of the Conference, praised the contributions of medical pioneers in elevating Jordan's healthcare sector to regional prominence and transforming it into a top destination for medical tourism.

Dr. Mujamed Jaradat from the Palestinian Society of Internal Diseases Specialists and Dr. Abbas Fadel from the Iraqi Internal Medicine Society expressed gratitude for Jordan's support and highlighted the conference's role in enhancing Arab collaboration and healthcare services.

Dr. Muhammad Ghunaimat, President of the Arab Society of Internal Diseases Specialists, emphasized the significance of the conference as a platform for learning and collaboration among specialists.

Dr. Susan Pound, Vice President of the Royal British College of Edinburgh, underscored the importance of knowledge sharing between doctors from different countries to improve patient care.

Dr. Ziyad Al-Zoubi, head of the Jordanian Doctors Syndicate, reiterated the importance of such conferences in advancing medical expertise and affirmed the union's support for professional development in Jordan.

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