Program with more physical activity classes in high schools to be worked out — Kazakh Government

ASTANA. July 9. KAZINFORM — The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan meeting discussed the issue regarding Kazakh children's involvement in sport and its development in the country.

Bakhytzhan Zhumagulov, Minister of Education and Science, noted that today in Kazakhstan 87.7% of total number of pupils had the opportunity to go in for physical culture and sports. In this case, 23.7% are engaged in winter sports and 1.5% - attend swimming. Universities have 56 sports clubs and about 2 thousand sports sections.

In addition, the head of the Ministry of Education and Science reported that in pre-schools 600,000 children aged 3 to 6 years attend physical training lessons.

In turn, Erlan Kozhagapanov, the head of Agency for Sports and Physical Education, said that nowadays in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and Science there is work at development of sports clubs in high schools and colleges of Kazakhstan. "Of particular note is the student's sports. The experience of the developed Western countries shows that university teams usually provide elite sport with new stars and idols for Olympics fans", said E. Kozhagapanov.

According to his words, this will help further sports promotion among students, development of sports infrastructure and introduction of volunteering system which is especially important on the eve of preparations for the 28th Winter Universiade, 2017 in Almaty.

Speaking of big-time sports, head of the agency said that the Kazakh athletes won medals at almost a thousand major international competitions. "The total number of medals won in official sporting events, World Championships, World Cups, in the Asian championships and international tournaments came close to a thousand," he explained.

According to the sports agency last year more than 80 per cent of pupils did not pass the presidential physical training tests. "Every year the number of students who successfully pass over the presidential test standards for physical training reduces. In the future, when passing a military comissariat medical examination board seven out of ten inductees will be recognized unfit to serve in the army", said the head of sports agency.

In addition E. Kozhagapanov considers that it is necessary to enhance a specified program for sport development in Kazakhstan.

After listening to the speakers, Serik Akhmetov, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, instructed to solve the issue regarding 3 times physical training lessons per week. "You have to put the question in another way — 3 compulsory lessons per week. Akims must bring sports facilities to the standards by 2015 in order to allow children go in for physical activity", Akhmetov said at the governmental meeting.

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