Protesters try to storm government HQ in Belarus

MINSK. December 20. KAZINFORM Thousands of opposition protesters in Belarus have tried to storm the government headquarters, following the country's presidential election; Kazinform refers to BBC News.

The demonstrators smashed windows and doors at the building in Minsk, but were later pushed back by riot police.

Four presidential candidates were arrested. Another was injured in an earlier incident.

Incumbent Alexander Lukashenko has been declared the winner, but the opposition claims the result is rigged.

Official results announced early on Monday gave President Lukashenko 79.7% of the vote. This will the authoritarian leader's fourth term in office.

During his presidency, the former Soviet republic has never held a poll seen as fair by international monitors.

However, the election campaign itself was much freer than in the past, correspondents say; Kazinform cites BBC News.

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