Public health office's chief on coronavirus cases in Almaty

ALMATY. KAZINFORM - Kamalzhan Nadyrov, chief of the public healthcare office of Almaty, has commented on the condition of the coronavirus patients in the city, Kazinform correspondent reports.

3,429 cases of the coronavirus infection have been recorded in Almaty city since the epidemic began. 2,177 patients have been released from hospitals after defeating the virus. So far, the city has seen 20 coronavirus-related deaths. 1,388 coronavirus patients have been receiving treatment at city hospitals. The city has reported 20 severe cases, 150 serious cases, 1,022 moderate cases, and 194 satisfactory cases of the coronavirus infection, Kamalzhan Nadyrov, chief of the public health office of Almaty, said during the Tuesday online briefing.

According to him, the growing number of severe coronavirus cases is due to the fact that many patients have pre-existing conditions. He added that more severe cases have been detected among patients aged 60 and above. However, in his words, most of coronavirus-infected patients are young persons aged 20-29 (35%), while senior citizens aged 60 and over account for 8.8% of the city's total number of coronavirus patients.

In June, the city hospitals have received 2,132 patients, 646 have been discharged, and 494 patients have been downgraded to outpatient. 10 coronavirus patients have been connected to lung ventilators, 16 are on non-invasive ventilation, and 23 are on other apparatuses.

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