Quakes jolt 200 km southeastwards Almaty

Another earthquake hits Kyrgyz-Chinese border
Photo credit: depositphotos.com

The network of seismic stations recorded on January 25 several earthquakes more than 200 km southeastwards of Almaty in the territory of China, Kazinform News Agency reports.

The first was centered 282 km southeastwards Almaty at 10:21:57 am Almaty time. The energy class is 10.0. The MPV magnitude is 4.3.

The second was registered at 10:29:52 am Almaty time 273 km southeastwards Almaty in China. The energy class is 9.6. The MPV magnitude is 4.5.

The third occurred at 10:54:54 am Almaty time some 259 km southeastwards Almaty in the territory of China. The energy class is 10.2. The MPV magnitude is 4.6.

The fourth rocked China at 10:59:21 am Almaty time some 258 km southeastwards Almaty. The energy class is 11.5. The MPV magnitude is 5.2.

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