Quarantine extended until March 28 in Baikonur

BAIKONUR. KAZINFORM – Baikonur city extended its coronavirus quarantine regime up until the end of March, Kazinform correspondent reports.

COVID-19 curbs will last until 12:00 am March 27, 2022, in Baikonur city according to the order of the head of the city's administration and the proposals made by the city's chief medical officer.

As earlier reported there had been a sharp decline in COVID-19 cases in the city since February 25. Despite this, the quarantine measures had been extended until March 14, 2022.

Baikonur reported a total of 3,787 cases of the coronavirus infection as of March 11, 2022. The city has seen one COVID-19 case over almost the past three weeks, The death toll stands at 150.

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