Rain or Shine Kids launches new and improved sin cover

SEATTLE, WA. April 7. KAZINFORM Rain or Shine Kids (RoSK) announced the launch of its new and improved UPF 45+ Sun Cover that protects babies by blocking 97% of harmful rays.

The cover, made of lightweight, breathable cotton fabric, attaches to infant carriers, car seats and strollers to keep babies protected on the go. The 2012 Sun Cover has a new bell shape to provide greater coverage for use with backpack-style carriers and an extra set of ties to secure the cover to strollers and carrier straps so that tiny legs still stay covered.

"Our RoSK Sun Cover was a must have for us last summer. We had a baby in May and it was a life saver! My baby stayed nice and covered up no matter where we went whether it was the park, the beach, even our backyard. I also loved that I could wear my baby in a carrier and tie the sun cover on the keep his arms and legs covered. It's also great used as a changing mat in a pinch." says Shay P, a Rain or Shine Kids customer, MMD Newswire reports.

RoSK's UPF 45+ Sun Cover is white to reflect sunlight, with contrast trim in five colors: chocolate, pink, sun orange, turquoise and pistachio. The Sun Cover is available at select retailers in the US and through the Rain or Shine Kids website: www.rainorshinekids.com .

RAIN OR SHINE KIDS is a premium brand of weatherproof children's products that strives to provide parents with the freedom and confidence to be active with their children while maintaining their personal sense of style. A true family owned business, RoSK is located in Seattle, Washington where new products are tested from the mountains to the beaches, by friends and family.


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