Realpolitik in action: Kazakhstan to cooperate with Afghanistan – New episode of New Time TV Show is available now

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Kazakhstan has removed the Taliban from its register of prohibited terrorist organizations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan noted that the decision was made in strict accordance with the resolutions of the United Nations. Experts of the New Time’s special “Explainer” section are convinced that the current decision is a pragmatic approach commonly known as a 'realpolitik'. Kazakhstan’s national interests dictate it to establish relations with Afghanistan, considering the political reality in which the Taliban is the sole representative of the country. In 2023 trade turnover with Afghanistan reached almost $1 billion, according to the Kazakh Ministry of Trade and Integration. Additionally, trade with Kabul is considered as a form of support of the people of Afghanistan. For more information on the origins of the Taliban and Kazakhstan’s approach to cooperation with Afghanistan please watch the latest episode of “New Time” TV Show.

You will also learn about what Kazakhstan’s economy can expect this year. The World Bank has released a monthly report with economic forecasts for the year 2024. A global economic slowdown up to 2.4% is forecast this year. Developed economies are expected to slow to 1.2%, and economies of emerging markets, according to the report, will decrease from 4% to 3.9%. What will influence economic growth in Central Asia? The “New Time” host Ainur Imangali talked to World Bank's Lead Country Economist for Central Asia David Knight.

On top of that, Korean musician Song Wonsub, who became famous in Kazakhstan for signing in Kazakh and using national instrument dombyra in his songs, visited the Kazakh capital last week. In an exclusive interview to the “New Time”, Song Wonsub discussed upcoming collaborations with the Kazakh singers and even contemplated a brief move to Kazakhstan.

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