Record of 12,000km of roads under repairs in Kazakhstan

Photo: Kazakh government

A government session discussing the current state of roads and road works took place today under the chairmanship of Kazakh Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov, Kazinform News Agency cites the press service of the Kazakh government.

During the session, it was informed that a record of 12 thousand kilometers of roads are under repairs in the country upon the Head of State’s instruction to bring the road network to a proper condition until 2025. Of these, works are underway on eight thousand km of republican significance roads, and on four thousand km of local roads. According to the transport ministry, repairing works are to be completed on seven thousand km of roads by the yearend.

Kazakhstan has a total of 95 thousand km of road network, of which 25 thousand km are of republican significance and remaining 70 thousand km are of local significance.

As of today, Kazakhstan has 92% of its republican roads and 87% of its local roads in proper condition. The country seeks to bring the figures to 93% and 89%, respectively, by the end of the year.

According to Bektenov, this year the country is to complete a number of major projects, among which are Karaganda-Almaty, Aktobe-Kandyagash, Atyrau-Astrakhan and Taldykorgan-Ust-Kamenogorsk. Around 2.5 thousand km of republican roads are slated for repairs this year, he added.

The head of the Kazakh government drew attention to the financing issues, as several regions of the country lag behind in the use of the general transfers allocated, especially Aktobe, Turkestan and Ulytau regions.

The session also stressed the importance of meeting the deadlines of projects, especially in the northern and eastern regions, which have short construction seasons.

During the session, Premier Bektenov pointed to the residents’ complaints regarding the condition of roads, largely local ones.

Earlier transport minister Karabayev spoke about the new way the country uses to lay asphalt, enabling to reduce reconstruction spendings by 7 times.

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