Refugees stuck in Serbia begin marching towards Hungarian border

LONDON. KAZINFORM Hundreds of refugees stranded in Serbia have begun walking from Belgrade towards the border with Hungary to protest against its closure for most people trying to reach the European Union.

More than 6,000 people remain stuck in Serbia following Hungary's introduction this summer of strict limits on the number of refugees allowed to cross into the EU-member country and reinforced a razorwire border fence with heavy patrols.

The Balkan migration trail, used by nearly one million people fleeing wars and poverty last year, formally closed in March, forcing people to use alternative routes and pay smugglers to get them across.

On Tuesday, about 400 refugees chanted "open Hungary's borders" and held banners saying "we don't need food, water or anything, we want you to open the borders" as they marched north in a long column from Belgrade along a road leading toward the Hungarian border about 120 miles away.

Most of the refugees appeared to be young men and boys who stood little chance of getting into Hungary or other EU nations. Hankrim from Afghanistan, who gave only his first name, said he had been on the road for six months, sleeping on roads and parks. "Excuse me please, Hungarian government, please Hungary, open the border," he said.

Photograph: Darko Vojinovic/AP 

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