RF to display helicopters, anti-acft systems at Aero India-2013

BANGALORE. February 6. KAZINFORM The Aero India 2013, one of major exhibitions of weapons and military hardware in Southeast Asia, opens here on Wednesday. Russia, which is linked with India by strategic relations, will traditionally put on show the best specimens of armament ranging from air defence systems to aircraft, according to Itar-Tass.

The Helicopters of Russia holding (HRH) will show helicopter models that are new to the Asian market -- the Ka-226T, Mi-171A2, and Mi-28 NE. Earlier, the Russian side offered Ka 226T to India's Air Force within the scope of a tender announced by the country's Defence Ministry for the supply of 197 choppers. Another model, the civilian Mi-171 A2, is reckoned the most successful modification within the popular Mi-8/17 family of helicopters.

India's helicopter fleet as of now includes about 200 helicopters of this type and demand for them is persisting.

Jointly with the Rosoboronexport, the HRH will show the attack helicopter Mi-28NE. This model is designed to locate and destroy tanks and other armour, low-speed air targets, and manpower in the conditions of active fire resistance.

The unique technical characteristics of the Mi-28NE enable the helicopter to accomplish combat missions day and night in any weather conditions. The Almaz-Antaeus air defence company will demonstrate the models of modernized anti-aircraft short-range missile system Tor-M2KM with modular combat and technical means. The system has been developed by the company's subsidiary , the OAO Izhevsk-based electromechanical plant Kupol (dome) with the use of new technological and structural solutions. The combat and technical means of the system can be mounted on various carrier vehicles, such as trucks, semi-trailers, trailers, and the deck of small-tonnage ships and be of stationary versions. Such a unique capability of the anti-aircraft missile system considerably extends the range of its applications, widens the scope of tasks accomplished by it and effectively reduces operating costs.

The company's exhibits will also include more than 20 specimens of produce of military purpose, including the long-range ainti-aircraft missile systems S-300 BM (Antaeus-2,500), the medium-range AA missile systems Buk-M2E, the short-range AA missile systems Tor-M2E, automated control systems, radars, as well as repair and diagnostic equipment.

The United Aircraftbuilding Corporation (UAC) will show in India for the first time the mockup of an advanced frontline aviation system which is being developed by the OAO Sukhoi Company, as well as the mockups of a new transportation plane, the Il-76MD-90A, and civilian aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 and the MS-21.

The unique real vision aircraft system MiG-29, which is also shown in India for the first time will be quite a vivid exhibit. The system is capable of imitating practically all complex modes of the flight of the fighter plane MiG-29K/KUB. The system creates a stereoscopic view of the air situation and the underlying surface, forming an absolute illusion of an actual flight.

At present, the UAC in conjunction with the Indian industry successfully works out new programmes for the development of an advanced multifunctional jet (PMI- FGFA) and a versatile transportation plane (MTC).

The aerobatic flying group Russian Knights will demonstrate their skills in India for the first time in performances to be held from February 6 to 10.

The exhibition, which will run until Feb 11, has drawn 607 manufacturers of weapons, military hardware, software, and components from various countries.

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