Roman Sklyar confirms construction of three TPPs in Kazakhstan

Roman Sklyar confirms construction of three TPPs in Kazakhstan
Photo credit: Kazinform News Agency

First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Roman Sklyar, revealed how the construction of three thermal power plants will be financed in Kazakhstan, Kazinform News Agency conveys.

According to the First Deputy Prime Minister, an agreement has already been reached regarding the TPPs development in Kokshetau, Semey, and Oskemen, as well as the construction of the third GRES-2 power station.

“The projects will be financed through preferential export financing from the country of origin of the power equipment in question. It is not anticipated that funds of the Unified Accumulative Pension Fund (UAPF) will be utilized in this manner. The funds would be repaid through tariffs,” Roman Sklyar stated.

The data indicates that the installed capacity of all energy sources in Kazakhstan is 21 thousand megawatts. The available capacity is slightly less than 16,000 megawatts. The country procures approximately two thousand megawatts of electricity from external sources at peak hours.

The Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan has previously made public a draft agreement between Kazakhstan and Russia concerning the construction of three TPPS in the cities of Kokshetau, Semey, and Oskemen. According to the terms of the agreement, the Russian side has indicated its willingness to consider the possibility of issuing a soft loan for the construction works.

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