Rouhani: New school year to start from September 5

TEHRAN. KAZINFORM Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that new school year is to start on September 5 considering the protective protocols to contain coronavirus pandemic highlighting the need to wear masks in the public places.

Speaking in anti-COVID19 committee on Saturday, Rouhani said Iranian people, medical staff and all officials should embark on great campaign against the virus for the next 123 days, IRNA reports.

Stressing the fact there is no vaccine for the virus and its behavior is has no complete and stable change, Rouhani said we will prepare ourselves for a long-term fight.

Iranian president urged people to observe social distancing, personal hygiene and to wear mask.

He noted that wearing mask will become obligatory in some areas.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iranian president referred to mental stress caused by the virus in the society, saying we should be ready for a long-term fight against the pandemic.

He hailed Iran's performance in fighting coronavirus compared to other developed countries, saying the main reason behind this success was cooperation, integration and empathy.

Elaborating on success of the Government to provide the expenditure of the public services in the lock down period, he said that despite the suspension of exports, the Government provided the required foreign currency.

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