Round-the-clock duty underway at Atyrau city’s dams

Round-the-clock duty underway at Atyrau city’s dams
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The Zhaiyk (Ural) River in the city of Atyrau reached a level of 600 cm, which is 50 cm above the critical level. In response, the Operational Headquarters for Emergency Situations of the Atyrau region has strengthened the 24-hour duty on the embankment of Atyrau and its suburban area, Kazinform News Agency reports.

The daily duty is divided into two shifts of 12 hours each. 
On the night from May 28 to 29, Atyrau akimat officials began their duties at Sokolok channel. Their primary objective is to report any ruptures or erosion of protective dams in the area to the Operational Headquarters for Emergency Situations.
In addition, under the highway "Atyrau-Astrakhan," culverts have been installed. On the eve of the temporary bypass road 30 kilometers from the city of Atyrau, the Bayshak channel began to erode water. In order to facilitate the passage of the incoming water to the sea without hindrance, this section was excavated to a depth of 2 meters and 6 pipes with a diameter of 100 cm were installed.
According to Azamat Kabdygaliev, Deputy Head of QazAvtoJol JSC of the Atyrau region, a decision was made to allow transit equipment to pass through the Bayshak canal in order to ensure uninterrupted automobile traffic and to allow water to pass from the canal to the Caspian Sea.
The works lasted for 24 hours, after which the road was immediately opened for traffic. Twenty units of equipment and thirty individuals were engaged in the installation of culverts.
Additionally, a summary rescue group from military unit 52859 of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan is implementing flood control measures in eleven settlements of Makhambet district of the Atyrau region. On a daily basis, personnel from the Ministry of Emergency Situations are engaged in the control of the water level in the Zhaiyk River, as well as the reinforcement of earth ramparts along the settlements.
It was previously reported that the Zhaiyk River’s water had decreased. The Minister for Emergency Situations Chingis Arinov conducted a visual inspection of the embankment dams along the Zhaiyk River. During his visit to the settlement of Zhalgansay in the Makhambet district, he observed the progress of work on pumping floodwaters.
On 22 May at 23:41 p.m. the dam burst at the entrance of the Zhalgansay village road. As a result, the water spread to the settlement. Over 450 thousand cubic meters of water were pumped out by special equipment during the day. The dam, which had been eroded by water, was fully restored at 04:20 a.m. There were no instances of residential flooding or casualties. The power line was not toppled, however, reinforcement of the dam is currently underway, with additional reinforcement measures being implemented.
The number of personnel and equipment deployed to the scene was as follows: 842 personnel, 84 units of equipment, and 21 boats.

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