Russia against relocation of IIHF World Championship from Belarus

MINSK. March 30. KAZINFORM The Ice Hockey Federation of Russia (IHFR) does not intend to support the initiative of the European Parliament that has called upon the international community to deprive Belarus of the right to host the IIHF World Championship in 2014, assured the IHFR executive director Valery Fesyuk, RIA News informs.

"I have no doubts the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia will not make any steps that would interfere with Belarus' hosting the IIHF World Championship," Valery Fesyuk said.

"The IIHF is one family. We are involved in sport. And sport, as everyone knows, is outside politics. If a misunderstanding occurs with one of the members of our family, then we will take a stand to defend him. I do not know which political objectives are pursued, but Belarus is worthy to host the IIHF World Championship. The country made a decent bid presentation, built many ice arenas and is doing a good job developing ice hockey," he added,

Valery Fesyuk assured that if the IIHF Congress in May includes the issue of relocation of the 2014 IIHF World Championship from Belarus on the agenda, Russia will oppose such an initiative.

"We maintain good relations with the Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation. We have a lot of Belarusian hockey players on our teams. We once were the single state and are ready to support our neighbors if needed," he noted.


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