Russia and U.S. Maintain Stance on Missile Defense - Medvedev

SEOUL. March 26. KAZINFORM. Russian-US relations are at an all-time high, President Medvedev told President Obama at a nuclear security summit in Seoul on Monday - but not high enough, it seems, to find a common stance on deployment of missile defense in Europe, Kazinform has learned from RIA Novosti.

Medvedev insisted however, that there is still time to negotiate.

"We talked about the fact that time is not wasted, cooperation and discussion of all aspects related to the implementation of the idea of European missile defense should be more active," Medvedev said following the meeting, the last the two leaders will have as presidents.

"We agreed that now is the time for technical experts to become involved. In any case, of course, our respective positions remain the same but dialogue on this subject is not only possible, it is also necessary. Speaking very bluntly, we still have time to negotiate and reach a balanced decision, bearing in mind the good experience that Barack and I have gained during the preparation of the START Treaty," he added.

President Obama said Russia and the United States have a lot of work to do on many issues.

"Now is the time when our technicians, our team, will begin discussions on technical issues," he said commenting on missile defense.

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