Russia designing rocket for manned flights from new space center

MOSCOW. October 13. KAZINFORM. Russia's federal space agency has started work to design a new carrier rocket to orbit manned flights from a new space center in the country's Far East, the head of the agency said on Tuesday; Kazinform refers to RIA Novosti.

Roscosmos's Anatoly Perminov said priority would be given to the rocket's reliability and safety, including crew evacuation at any stage of the flight.

He said the new rocket would be used as a platform for heavier carriers with payloads of 50-60 tons and super-heavy carriers with payloads of 130-150 tons.

The construction of the new space center, Vostochny, will start in 2011 and should be completed in 2018.

Russia currently uses the Baikonur space center in the Central Asian Republic of Kazakhstan, which it has leased since the collapse of the Soviet Union; Kazinform cites RIA Novosti. See for full version.

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