Russia observing international Safer Internet Day

MOSCOW. February 5. KAZINFORM Russia is observing the international Safer Internet Day that was established by the European Commission in 2004, Itar-Tass said.

Experts are unanimous in their conviction that the materials propagating pornography, drug abuse and extremism carry the biggest threat to the audience surfing the cyberspace.

Russia's law enforcement agencies tracked down about 1,500 cyber-resources containing child pornography in different parts of the world in 2012.

Safe Internet League, Russia's largest public association that was set up to counteract the proliferation of hazardous contents in the worldwide web, is fighting the manifestations of drug abuse and extremism. Adamant citizens' reports to the hotline opened by the League helped identify more than 1,200 unscrupulous users of the Internet who became targets of detailed inspection and whose Internet pages were subsequently blocked.

Also, Internet providers have blocked the operations of more than 70 websites that promoted narcotic drugs and substances

The vigilance of Internet audiences has helped confiscate about a hundred kilograms of substances the circulation of which is prohibited or is subject to stringent control. Criminal cases were instituted in some situations.

Over the four years since the opening of the hotline, the Safe Internet League has processed more than 40,000 reports on dangerous content.

A United Forum for Safe Internet devoted to struggle with hazardous contents will be held in Moscow February 7 with the assistance from the Ministry of Telecommunications.

The ministry's press service said the conference will be attended by federal and regional government officials, directors and experts of education centers, researchers, leaders and activists of public associations, and industrial managers from different parts of Russia.

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