Russia's strongest man set to pull 760-ton ship

UFA. October 10. KAZINFORM  Elbrus Nigmatullin, who owns the title of Russia's Strongest Man, will attempt on Saturday to beat his own record by pulling a 760-ton cargo ship along a river in the Urals.

Nigmatullin, 35, set a personal record in 2006 when he pulled a 186-ton ship along the Moskva River.

"Elbrus Nigmatullin is planning to set a new all-Russia record on Saturday...He will pull the Nagatino cargo ship, which weighs 760 [metric] tons," said Vasily Zhirnov, a department head at the Ministry for Sports and Tourism in Bashkortostan.

Nigmatullin is the champion of Russia in four sports, including powerlifting and armwrestling. He has won Russia's Strongest Man title four times.

The Russian athlete has also participated in the World's Strongest Man series since 2005 but never made it to the top three.

Strength athletics, more generally known as strongman competitions, is a sport which tests competitors' strength in a variety of different ways.

The typical equipment used in each event are "everyday" objects that the general public can relate to such as cars, barrels, refrigerators and trains rather than the varying weights of discs found in powerlifting and other strength-based sports, RIA Novosti reports.

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