Russia to issue visas to foreigners failing to visit Russia amid pandemic free of charge

MOSCOW. KAZINFORM Russia’s foreign ministry will offer those who obtained Russian entry visas in mid-March but failed to visit the country because of the coronavirus lockdowns to receive another visa free of charge, Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Ivaonov said in an interview with the Kommersant daily.

The Russian senior diplomat noted that amid the coronavirus pandemic many had to change their working and private plans and cancel international trips. «Under Russia’s current law, an unused entry visa cannot be extended,» he said. «It would be wrong to ignore this problem but it is important to understand legislation provisions under which it can be tackled, since a visa is document with a limited period of validity,» TASS reports.

«The Russian foreign ministry thinks it possible to offer foreign citizens who had single-or double-entry visas with a validity term starting from mid-March and who had to cancel their trips to Russia to obtain similar visas within six months after Russia lifts the entry ban free of charge,» he said.

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