Russian and Kazakh experts hold security talks in Moscow

COW. October 15. KAZINFORM /NArymbek  Ismagulov/ - Last Wednesday the Russian agency of international information RIA Novosti hosted a round table titled "Kazakhstan's Initiatives in Formation of New System of International Security."

Leading political scholars of Russia and Kazakhstan took part in the meeting. The parties exchanged opinions and discussed the perspectives and formats of "reloading" of the relations in the East-West line, scrutinized the relevance of new approaches to reformation of the international security system. The forthcoming presidency over the OSCE in 2010 by Kazakhstan was also touched upon at the meeting. As noted, this chairmanship will be a good chance to foster the multilateral dialogue on formation of a new system of European security.   

Advisor of the Committee for Foreign Policy Analysis of the MFA of Kazakhstan Alexander Sinyagovsky presented the position of the country in the security policy and noted that this issue is viewed from the angle of future chairmanship at the OSCE. Kazakhstan considers the OSCE to be a suitable venue of launching new initiatives in this field, according to Sinyagovsky.

In particular all the proposals made by Kazakhstan are based on the recognized achievements of the country, such as reinforcement of inter-ethnic and inter-religious accord, regional security, nuclear nonproliferation, energy provision and energy and food security. According to him, the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe appears to be the most important in the issue of security. «Our initiatives will be based on the existing mechanisms, institutes and legal documents. The main principle is that good old methods should not be rejected, yet it is important to move forward», - Alexander Sinyagovsky said.

The brand of the country is what Kazakhstan is going to promote. In this connection while holding the title of OSCE Chair in and OIC Chair in 2011 Kazakhstan plans to include the issues of promotion of dialogue between cultures and religions, tolerance and fight with all forms of discrimination into the agenda of these Organizations. The problem of Afghanistan will receive no less attention.

The nuclear nonproliferation initiative is acquiring global scale, according to the expert. "Kazakhstan has created positive experience in Central Asia - the zone free of nuclear weapons. We also plan to bring to the focus the initiative on new universal treaty of absolute nuclear nonproliferation.

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