Russian boy, a car crash victim in Kazakhstan, undergoes urgent surgery in Kostanai

ASTANA. July 11. KAZINFORM - A 7-year-old Nikita Panyushkin, a Russian citizen, who suffered a terrible accident on the highway called Denisovka-Zhitikara (Kostanai region), has been done operation on (osteosynthesis) by Kostanai surgeons.

As previously reported, on July 8 there was a major traffic accident that killed seven people. After the сar accident two children remained alive - citizens of Kazakhstan and Russia. Both of them were being treated in Kostanai Regional Hospital.

Nikita Panyushkin had been planned to be transported for medical care to Chelyabinsk (Russia), however, given the condition of the child and the nature of the injuries it was decided to do the operation in Kostanai.

Surgical intervention is successful, the child has minimal invasive (with a minimum number of cuts) surgery. Today Nikita has already been sent to his hometown Chelyabinsk, where the treatment will continue.

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