Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka breaks world record in orbit time

MOSCOW. KAZINFORM - Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka, who is on board the International Space Station (ISS), at about 02:00 a.m. Monday Moscow Time [23:00 Sunday UTC] set a world record in the overall orbit time, set by his colleague Sergey Krikalyov 10 years ago - 803 days.

Padalka is currently making his fifth spaceflight, which he embarked on March 27. The cosmonaut is expected to return to Earth September 11. In this way, the overall time spent by him in space will reach some 880 days.

The rocket and space industry told TASS that in order for Padalka's new record to be recognized officially, the cosmonaut has to spend five percent more time in orbit than the previous record holder. Thus, the new achievement will only be taken into account in the first ten days of August, Kazinform refers to TASS.

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