Russian roulette: 8-year-old boy shoots himself dead in Akmola region

ASTANA. July 25. KAZINFORM An 8-year-old boy found his grandfather's gun at home, put it to his head, pulled the trigger and shot himself in Akmola region, Express K newspaper says.

The tragic accident that shocked everyone happened in the family of Leonid Matyass, a 61-year-old resident of Atbasar, in early February 2012. The 8-year-old Leonid Vlassov was hospitalized with a gunshot wound. The best neurosurgeons fought for his life, however, the boy passed away a day later.

The boy was home alone when he found a gun and decided to play with it. The police found out that grandfather Leonid Matyass discovered the handmade gun back in 2000 in the steppe. The old man couldn't believe he lost his grandson because of the dangerous finding.

This month Leonid Matyass was sentenced to one year in prison for illicit possession of weapon.

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