S Kazakhstan region picks up torch of ’20 good deeds’ of People's Assembly of Kazakhstan (PHOTO)

TALDYKORGAN. KAZINFORM - Today the city of Taldykorgan has given the symbol of '20 good deeds' of People's Assembly of Kazakhstan - Taikazan - to South Kazakhstan region.

The event began with a stage show symbolizing friendship and accord of all ethnic groups living in Almaty region. Opening the ceremony deputy Akim of Almaty region Bakhtiyar Unerbayev said that the relay called "20 good deeds" and its symbol "Taikazan" will be given to South Kazakhstan region. Taikazan or a symbolic bowl is the bowl of peace and prosperity.

Representatives of the People's Assembly of Almaty region have presented children's school of equestrian sports "Silver stirrup" a horse for hippo therapy.

It should be noted that this year our country celebrates important historical dates: the 20thanniversary of the People's Assembly of Kazakhstan, 550thanniversary of the Kazakh Khanate, 20th anniversary of the Constitution of Kazakhstan.

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