S Kazakhstan stakes on development of agriculture and innovations: region akim A.Myrzakhmetov

MKENT. November 2. KAZINFORM /Tatyana Pylayeva/ 754 investment projects to the amount of KZT 25.7 bln are being implemented in South Kazakhstan region under the Road Map Program. This is one of the highest rates among all the regions of the country. Along side the Road Map projects the work on innovative-industrial development is conducted in the region. Program of high priority measures on the region development is worked out as well. Governor of South Kazakhstan region Askar Myrzakhmetov told about it in more details in an interview to Kazinform.

Mr. Myrzakhmetov, what are the plans of the region on the Road Map and what has been already done?

  KZT 25.7 bln was allocated for implementation of 754 projects of the Road Map in the region. KZT 17.3 bln of it was provided from the national budget and KZT 8.4 bln - from the regional budget. It is to be noted that as of October 1 KZT 20.4 bln was already utilized. Repair work at 394 facilities has been accomplished. 324 projects are executed in the field of housing and utilities infrastructure. We paid special attention in this sphere to the irrigation system of the region. 285 facilities are covered by repair works in the social sphere of the Road Map. 12403 jobs were created there. Repair works of 91 healthcare facilities are drawing to completion.

Reconstruction of heat supply networks of Shymkent, Kentau and Turkestan cities is held as well. 187 inhabited areas with population of 320 thousand people will be provided with drinking water this year. 50 thousand people of 13 rural areas will get natural gas for the first time of the last three years of the Road Map implementation.

 What has been done in the field of roads repair in the region?

There 141 facilities implemented in the road repair sphere. 8 805 jobs were created at the facilities. The financing amounted to KZT 7.5 bln. To date over 80% of funds were disbursed. 919.8 km of roads are scheduled to be repaired within the Road Map this year. Totally 1.5 thousand km will be repaired at the expense of the budget funds. This is threefold more than the last year. Besides, new roads are built as well. For example, construction of four roads is held in Shymkent in order to improve road interchange.

 South Kazakhstan is mostly agrarian region. What are the plans of the akimat in this field?

Region development program for 2009-2011 was developed. First of all it outlines the directions financing of which will benefit the socio-economic growth in the region. And firstly it is the agriculture. The program provides diversification of the crop acreages and increase of the profitability of the crops. The results of this year were achieved not only due to the weather conditions. The grain harvest is up to 453 thousand tons compared to 295 thousand in the last year.

Small farms don't maintain the crop rotation due to small crop acreages. In this regard one of the main tasks for the nearest three years is to strengthen small business and establish commodity production. Advanced agro-technical methods, for example, drop irrigation are introduced.

Work on putting into operation of 11 vegetables stores with total capacity of 15 646 tons is held in order to provide the population with fruits and vegetables all year round.

In the field of cattle breading the cities and towns were commissioned to organize 16 fattening grounds and 4 diary farms. Construction of 10 meat-processing factories, 22 milk reprocessing factories and 8 fruit processing plants is planned as well. 

 What industrial projects are being realized in the region?

Investment projects to the amount of KZT 9 bln 327.2 mln were implemented in the region by October 1, 2009. 775 new jobs were created. "Expansion of the production of the knitting-cotton" in Shymkent is one of the new projects.

Big food project was implemented by "Atameken" corporation. This modern milling complex has the capacity of 240 tons of flour per day. Fish processing plant was launched in Shradara. New bricks plant with the capacity of 40 mln bricks per year was built as well.

8 more investment projects with creation of 2.3 thousand jobs will be implemented in the nearest time.

 How are you going to start execution of the industrial five-year-plan in 2010?

 We have two projects to be fulfilled in 2010. Putting into operation of the poultry farm on turkey incubation and meat processing with the capacity of 10 thousand tons is scheduled in autumn 2010. Modern cement factory will be launched as well. Wool processing plant with the capacity of 6 thousand tons is planned to be started up at the beginning of 2010.

"Petro Kazakhstan Oil Products" LLC will accomplish project on oil refinery modernization. Construction of trade-logistic center that will have to conclude all agricultural projects realized within the program is planned as well.

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