S. Korea to begin dismantlement process for Kori-1 power plant next year

South Korea
Photo credit: Yonhap

South Korea is expected to begin the process to dismantle the now-defunct Kori-1 nuclear reactor next year, the industry ministry said Friday, Yonhap reports.

As the country's first commercial nuclear power plant, the Kori-1 reactor in the southeastern city of Busan was permanently closed in June 2017 after some 40 years of service from 1978.

The Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. is now awaiting an approval by the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission for its dismantlement.

"The successful dismantlement of a power plant carries significance in the nuclear industry ecosystem. We are expected to get down to the dismantlement process for the Kori 1 reactor next week, which will be a chance to boost the competitiveness of the industry," a ministry official said.

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