Salon Du Chocolat Brussels: dresses, master shows and new recipes

ALMATY. KAZINFORM Salon Du Chocolat Brussels, the three-day international exhibition, has kicked off in Brussels, Kazinform correspondent reports.

This year the exhibition stretching over 8,000 square meters brings together more than 130 chocolatiers, chefs, pastry chefs and cacao experts. It is dedicated to the history of chocolate, process of making the mouth-watering chocolate.

The best chefs share their recipes and the latest trends of chocolate industry.

Representatives of Peru, Madagascar and the Dominican Republic and other cacao producing countries tell about the origin of cacao beans in their countries.

Another highlight of the annual Chocolate Fair in Brussels is a fashion show featuring 14 dresses made out of chocolate. Each of the dress is a masterpiece encrusted with caramel, chocolate truffles, dark and milk chocolate.

It is noteworthy, Belgium takes the lead in producing chocolate. The country annually exports more than 400,000 tons of chocolate to earn EUR 4 bln.

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