Scientific concept behind Abai's Museum developed in Semey

SEMEY. KAZINFORM - A scientific concept behind the State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum of Abai has been developed in Semey city, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to Turdykul Shanbay, director of Abai's Museum, in preparation for the 175th anniversary celebrations of the great Kazakh poet, a large build-up to make the museum the main center to study the works of Abai is being carried out.

«This place should be more than a museum, it should be a scientific and educational center. It should be propelled to a new level to make it more recognizable around the globe,» said the director of Abai's Museum.

To that end, Turdykul Shanbay came up with a scientific concept behind the museum, which will include priority, fundamental, relevant, educational, encyclopedic areas, and more.

According to him, the concept also focuses on the works of Abai. There are plans to issue a 100-volume book. The release of 10 books about Abai's works is dated to the 175th anniversary of the poet this year.

The 100-volume collection is to be published step-by-step, said Shanbay, adding that the museum's fund holds sufficient materials. He believes that the collection will make the museum's fund more accessible.

Notably, on May 30, 2019, the Head of State signed a decree on celebrations devoted to the 175th anniversary of the Kazakh poet Abai.

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