SCO drug agencies offer new way to fight Afghanistan's drug threat

MOSCOW. April 2. KAZINFORM Drug control agencies of member-states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have proposed NATO a new way of combating Afghanistan's drug trafficking, the head of the Russian federal drug control service, Viktor Ivanov, told reporters on Monday.

SCO member-states will fight drug traffickers on their territories, while the NATO troops should destroy drug fields in Afghanistan, he said.

"An unprecedented decision to create the groundwork for resetting the SCO and NATO was taken. At the same time we for the first time proposed to divide the activities. For instance, SCO police services will organize the fight against drug traffickers on the territories of their countries, while NATO that has a 150,000 contingent deployed in that country will destroy crops there," Ivanov said.

He underlined that such measures will help to resolve the problem of Afghan drug trafficking, Itar-Tass reports.

"If we take into account the strength of NATO's troops, Afghanistan's siloviki (military and security forces) and the number of drug fields, there will be five armed persons per one hectare," Ivanov said.

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