Second wave of floods hits N Kazakhstan region

Second wave of floods hits N Kazakhstan region
Photo credit: Ministry of Emergencies of Kazakhstan

Water level has increased on the Sergeyev Reservoir in the North Kazakhstan region. Flood situation in the region remains complicated, Deputy Governor of the region Kanat Duzelbayev said it at a briefing today, Kazinform News Agency reports.

He said water overflow on the Sergeyev Reservoir has decreased to 250 centimeters.

“Due to the second wave of flooding, water level rose again with the overflow at 278 centimeters having increased by 21 centimeters,” Kanat Duzelbayev said.

He emphasized the situation remains complicated in Kyzylzhar district and  Petropavlovsk city.

“A number of villages in Kyzylzhar district and micro-districts Podgora, Kozhevenny, Zarechny, Kossogor are still under water, with 2,886 residential buildings affected by the flood. A total of 14,388 people have been evacuated in the region, with 1,037 accommodated in temporary shelters. All of them are provided with meals and essential supplies. 149 families have already received lump-sum social payment. 470 tons of humanitarian aid were sent to the region from Astana, Almaty, East Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda, Zhambyl, Pavlodar, and Akmola regions, as well as from Russia’s Omsk,” said Duzelbayev.

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