Security Council extends mandate of UN Assistance Mission for Iraq by 12 months

UNITED NATIONS. July 26. KAZINFORM The Security Council on Wed extended the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) for another year, while also reiterating its encouragement of further progress on the country's security, humanitarian, human rights and political fronts.

In a unanimously adopted resolution, the 15- member body encouraged the Government of Iraq "to continue strengthening democracy and the rule of law, improving security and public order and combating terrorism and sectarian violence across the country, and reiterating its support to the people and the Government of Iraq in their efforts to build a secure, stable, federal, united and democratic nation, based on the rule of law and respect for human rights," the UN News Centre said.

The Council welcomed improvements in the Middle Eastern country's security situation, while stressing that challenges remain and "that improvements need to be sustained through meaningful political dialogue and national unity."

Similar to its previous resolution on the same matter last year, the Council also underscored the need for all communities in Iraq to participate in the political process and an inclusive political dialogue, as well as for the communities to refrain from making statements and actions which could aggravate tensions.

In the resolution, Council members noted the importance of addressing humanitarian issues and stressed the need to continue to form a coordinated response to address those issues. In addition, it called for full unimpeded access by humanitarian personnel to all people in need of assistance.

In the area of human rights, the Council urged the Government of Iraq to continue to promote and protect human rights and also to consider additional steps to support the Independent High Commission for Human Rights in carrying out its mandate.

The Council members also called on the Government to continue its ongoing cooperation with the Kuwaiti Government, with which it fought a war in 1990-91, and meet its outstanding international obligations on that issue.

Recognizing recent "positive" developments in Iraqi-Kuwait bilateral relations - such as Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's visit to Kuwait and the visit of the Kuwait's Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad to Baghdad for the League of Arab States summit - the Council called on both States to continue "to act in a spirit that builds further confidence and cooperation, which should contribute to the strengthening of their good-neighbourly relations and enhancing regional stability."

A political mission established by the Council in 2003, at the request of the Government of Iraq, UNAMI is mandated to advise and assist in a number of areas.

These include advancing political dialogue and national reconciliation, assisting in the electoral process, facilitating regional dialogue between Iraq and its neighbours, and promoting the protection of human rights and judicial and legal reform.


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