Severe snowstorms grip US, disrupting life and air travel

Photo: Xinhua

Extreme cold and snowstorms impacting parts of the US have disrupted daily life and impeded air transportation across the country, according to reports Monday, Anadolu reports. 

The National Weather Service (NWS) said in a release that snowstorms have taken their toll on states like Iowa, Missouri and Texas, with temperatures plummeting below zero.

It reported the occurrence of "all-time lows" in the affected states.

In addition, the weather service forecasts that the cold weather will extend its impact to 26 states in the central and northeastern regions in the coming days.

Densely populated cities including Washington, New York and Boston are expected to face the coldest days of the season. On Monday, snow thinly blanketed the nation's capital, parts of Virginia and Maryland.

The repercussions of the inclement weather are evident in the realm of air travel. According to the FlightAware website, a total of 2,352 flights were canceled in the US on Monday, with an additional 5,726 flights experiencing delays.

Authorities are urging caution and advising reduced vehicle usage in areas susceptible to icing due to the prevailing cold weather and snowfall.

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