Singapore model to be applied for Kazakhstan's SEZ development

ASTANA. July 16. KAZINFORM - The National Agency for Export and Investment "Kaznex Invest» attracts Singaporean management company Jurong Consultants to participate in development, promotion and management of SEZ (special economic zones) in Kazakhstan, as well as in working out a strategic plan for their development, that has been announced today at a meeting of the Government.

Speaking before the Cabinet members, the Vice-President of Jurong Consultants Wilfred Lou spoke in detail about this work.

Thus, the strategic plan will include the following tasks: analysis of sectoral focus of a SEZ, studying development issues, financing and management of a SEZ, which will be attached to a second five-year plan of Industrial development.

In addition, the survey also provides value-added production cycles, cluster development and review of the investment model. The next step will introduce the management structure zones and attract investors via cluster method.

Also in infrastructure evolution of economic zones it is planned to adopt the international experience with extrabudgetary funding sources. Jurong Consultants Company has successful experience in various sectors of the textile industry, logistics, electronics, IT-sector, petrochemicals, and many others.

The company is a unit of state-owned JTC, a specialized agency of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore. It works in the field of financial, architectural consulting, logistics, management of special economic zones and ports. The company has more than 40 years of practice in industrial planning and activities in South-East Asia, China, India, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Brazil and Ecuador.

It should be recalled that in Kazakhstan there are 10 special economic zones.

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