Six found dead, 15 rescued from Russian sunken ship

VLADIVOSTOK. January 28. KAZINFORM Six people were found dead and 15 rescued from a Russian fishing vessel that capsized in the Sea of Japan on Sunday, the Primorye Transportation Prosecutor's Office said on Monday.

The Chance-101 fishing boat had 30 crew members on board - 19 Russians and 11 Indonesians - when it sank in Japan's waters 50 kilometers (31 miles) east of the Svetlaya village, in Russia's Primorye Territory, on Sunday.

"As of now, 21 crew members were found [15 alive and six dead], while nine crew members are still missing," a statement from the prosecutor's office said.

Two life rafts were discovered near the sunken ship on Sunday. The first raft carried six Russians and four Indonesians. Five more people were later rescued from the second raft.

The search operation for the missing people continues and involves several rescue ships as well as an amphibious Beriev Be-200 aircraft and a Mil Mi-8 helicopter.

Source: RIA Novosti

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