Skolkovo scientists develop new medicines against AIDS

MOSCOW. April 14. KAZINFORM A Russian resident company in the Skolkovo innovation centre has developed innovative medicines against AIDS and cancer, according to Itar-Tass.

"We used an absolutely innovative technology. The medicine has an effect on the matrix protein and destroys the structure of the virus, preventing it from adaption in the organism," deputy director of the Quantum Pharmaceuticals Maxim Kholin said in an exclusive interview with Itar-Tass in comments on the effect of the medicine.

The fact that the developed medicines are not so toxic for the human organism as other medicines available on the market became a good piece of news for the scientists, he said. "This is very important, because there are two problems in the development of medicines against the HIV virus, namely the virus is subject to changes and the medicines are toxic," Kholin noted.

The scientists continue the research in this sphere and achieve good results. "The division of our company has also made advanced developments in oncologic diseases. The medicine against rectal cancer was developed, but we hope that it will be able to use in other cancer diseases soon," Kholin said.

He noted that at the innovation centre Skolkovo, where the developers get the full support for their research, they always work from scratch, "not taking current medicines as a basis that helps achieve new approaches to the creation of medicines."

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